The Panache Experience

A pop-​up rural cin­ema founded in Box, near Bath.


Screen­ings take place in pairs:  on the third weekend of each month, there is a Friday evening screening followed by a Sat­ur­day mati­nee for children.


We are a not-for-profit organisation run by a highly-dedicated team who want to share their love of films with the community. Founded in partnership with the BFI’s pilot scheme to promote rural cinema in the UK, the Picture House benefits from close links with Cinema For All, with other film exhibitors and most importantly, with filmmakers themselves. On January 19th we launch are new permament electric 4.5 meter wide screen and new sound system.
panache exp2


Panache Pictures have a passion for film and a commitment to bringing to you, the audience, the films that you want to watch.  


The Panache Picture House is an independent 'pop-up' cinema, established in the rural village of Box near Bath in association with the Bath Film Festival.  Now in its 6th year, Panache continues to offer originality and enjoyment  - both on-screen and off -  to the local community.


There is a carefully selected programme of shorts showcasing the work of emerging and more established talent, regular events, visiting fimmakers, locally produced treats and snacks and a range of tempting drinks at the bar.